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Our process.

Agentum provides accurate and fast recruitment process through its unique business model. We offer reference recruitment of key positions, ranging from Executive to Specialists and Management.

  1. Receive profile requirements

    Let us know about the position and the person you are looking for. The more detailed description you provide, the more accurately we can scan our network.

  2. Recommendations from network

    We reach out to 1500 agents to see if somebody knows somebody that is perfect for the position. This is where our agents’ extensive and varying networks play a crucial part in finding the right candidate.

  3. Candidate contact and interviews

    We contact the candidates that are interested and relevant. We then conduct in-depth interviews and select a final few. At this stage, we also check references and have the possibility to conduct any necessary tests.

  4. Presentation and closing

    We present our final candidates to you. After internal interviews, you decide who you find is best fitted for the position. Agentum follows up the recruitment after three months and one year, both with the employee and the employer.

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