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Great people know great people.

We make use of private networks to make professional recruitments by reaching people outside the traditional candidate scope. Through our Agents, we connect and combine contacts to handpick the greatest person to a given position in an accurate and efficient recruitment process.

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Our clients.

H&M ClearChannel IKEA Elgiganten EF

Our idea.

Our idea is a fast and accurate reference recruitment. We use the value and width of private networks to expand professional contacts. Our headhunting is not limited to a few hardworking people at the headquarters - we have approximately 1500 carefully selected and specialized professionals to help us with that. Our process is simple: when contacted about a vacant position, we reach out to our network to collect recommendations and references based on your requirements. We then conduct interviews and put together a list of top candidates, which is presented to you within 3 weeks.

Our process.

  1. Receive profile requirements
  2. Recommendations from network
  3. Candidate contact and interviews
  4. Presentation and closing
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Our network.


Our network consists of approximately 1500 exclusively selected professionals – our agents – within all different sectors, with qualified resumes and relevant social networks.


Each agent provides his or her own network as a tool to find the right candidate to an open position. That’s why our agents are key to your entire recruitment process, which is based solely on their recommendations. We usually expect about 60 recommendations per recruitment process.


As an agent, one has access to an exclusive professional network, which provides a chance to expand one’s own network and an opportunity to help both businesses and contacts finding the right person for a position.

Agentum and TVG.

We are part of Talent Venture Group - a global Investor in HR & Talent technology companies. TVG, launched in 2018, is a long-term joint collaboration between Pinq Mango Capital Partners and the Friis-Molin family.

TVG develops early-stage companies within the HR & Talent tech sphere, into valuable companies ready for the global arena. The portfolio today consists of multiple companies within the HR & Talent tech industry including Talent Inc, Jobtip, Studentkortet, Nova, Wintrgarden, UBI Global, Future Talent Council, Great People.

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